In his later years of service, Oliver Prince Smith commanded the 1st Marine Division in one of its most extraordinary battles: The Chosin[1] Reservoir.  Few battles can compare to the intense fighting that took place there.  It was a time when the entire body of United Nations forces were stopped in their advance to the … Continue reading Scholar-Warrior

Art Donovan

Art Donovan (5 June 1924 – 4 August 2013) was a defensive tackle that played with the Baltimore Colts (1950, 1953-1962), New York Yanks (1951), and the Dallas Texans (1952). In his second run with the Colts, Donovan became one of the outstanding defense tackles in the game, selected to five straight Pro Bowls (1953-1957). … Continue reading Art Donovan

Finally Home

Seventy-three years after he was killed in action, Marine Raider Sergeant John C. Holladay was returned home and buried with full military honors at the National Cemetery in Florence, South Carolina. Members of the new 1st Marine Raider Battalion rendered a final salute to Sergeant Holladay in recognition of his sacrifice for the United States … Continue reading Finally Home

Giving Back

Giving back to the nation is a story repeated often in our history. Immigrants arriving on our nation’s shores have always answered the call for military service during periods of national emergency. Frank P. Witek was one of these fine young Americans. Born in Derby, Connecticut on 10 December 1921, Witek was an American of … Continue reading Giving Back