Why We Remember



I remember my friends who did not survive the crucible of combat; I remember them every single day. My request for you is this: let this be a solemn holiday for us all; it is not too much to ask.


  1. I served with a guy.
    Shot on a street in Turkey, just for being an american serviceman there..
    No declared enemy, combat, no medal.
    I remember him.

  2. So be it.

  3. While there are too many others I would remember Cpl Moffettt, LCpl Thompson, PF Trung Si Ti and Chesty Puller’s son who was horribly wounded in Vietnam…still came back and fought awful physical and mental pain for years…only to finally take his own life.

    I also remember the American politicians, the very senior officers, the mostly lefty media and others that lost their souls in sending us in…and then when it got a little tough for them, they withdrew the support for America’s military (some allies too) and lied to the South Vietnamese. Promises made..then broken.

  4. That’s not much to ask, but I’ll not be morose, just mindfull.

  5. In a way I have been blessed with not knowing anyone who was killed in battle, but I do know the ones who carried the scars home and still do today and others have gone to eternal rest the demons of war no longer chasing them. May they all rest in eternal peace knowing they are not forgotten and hold a special place in heaven for those who gave their lives.

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  7. May we remember with gratitude and learn from their lessons in sacrifice.

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