9 thoughts on “Memorial Day, 2014”

  1. You’re not on MODERATION but I KNOW I left a message here earlier and it’s not here!
    This Return to Makin is astonishing….islands appreciate us, European countries seem to disdain us for all we’ve done. (except those French who lived in Normandy, trust me!)
    thanks for YOUR SERVICE, Mustang.

  2. This is one of the gripping stories out of the SWP. EVERYTIME I watch it, the playing of the Hymn necessitates Kleenex. Indeed, Memorial Day… for those who did not return. It pleases me to no end they were returned to their families after 40 years.

    And if you can clarify something, sir. The native – Bureimoa Tokarei who helped bury them in 1942 – apparently passed away shortly after the remains were on their way home. Is this true?

    1. Thank you. I recalled reading it or seeing it in another documentary but couldn’t be sure. I like to think of it as he was an extension of their souls.

  3. Just as many tears this time as the first time I saw it 5 years ago. Thanks for posting this. I had it saved once, but that computer shit the bed and I lost everything. It’s such a shame that there are so few of us Americans that even have a damned clue what Memorial Day is.

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