6 thoughts on “God Bless our Military”

  1. Merry Christmas Mustang, and to all of our service men and women both past and present. It is only because of your service to our nation that we remain a free people.

    1. Let not your heart be troubled, grasshopper; one must exercise patience when dealing with the Internet.

      My Christmas was good, Koji-san. I hope yours was as well.

  2. oh, darn, get the Kleenex again! Honestly, Mustang, I can’t read Fix Bayonets anymore!
    What happier times; even in WAR. Clean humor, FUNNY humor, giving those boys a great time…honored that someone like Bob Hope would take the time…in the meantime, these kids TOOK THE TIME to put their lives on the line for US. And Hope got the applause?
    oh, man. God bless Bob Hope and every soldier who ever got cheered up by him and his own troops who came with him to help entertain.

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